OH0/DJ5HG : Meteorscatter on 144 MHz from Aland, KO09lw

Some Pictures

My daughter and her husband came from Turku in Finland by kajak over the Baltic Sea to Aland to help me raising the mast. Here Oliver (left) and me, Klaus DJ5HG (right). Photo by Katharina von der Heide

Klaus, DJ5HG, and Oliver carrying the kajaks

A well-running radio amateur station in a very simple environment. Photo by Oliver Borchert.

Station OH0/DJ5HG

The antenna and the stuga

Antenna and Stuga

Further Information

Download the Report from Aland,2012: aland_2012.pdf

Here you can see what the author's program MSRX V0 decoded on the days July 12,14,15,16,17:

Download aland_decoded.pdf

Meanwhile the program MSRX was considerably changed into V3.1: MSRX . It decodes the same recordings as above somewhat different. Especially, it detects many PSK2k-calls, which I unfortunately missed by a simle program fault, sorry.

Download aland_msrx3.pdf

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